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Android issues and how to fix them | 2021

Here are the most common android issues, along with solutions and how to fix them.

Android issue no 1 Extremely rapid battery drain:

You’ll find users complaining about fast battery pack drain with virtually every smartphone. This could easily selection of battery pack drain if the phone is on standby, or when apps that can be particular proving to be a battery pack hog. Keep in mind that you may expect a quicker than normal battery drain in certain circumstances. These include when using the phone for navigation, taking a lot of photos or shooting video clips, playing games, or whenever creating a phone for the full time that is first.

Potential solutions:

  • A third-party application finished up being the reason for quite a few users. The product in Safe Mode (you can find the guidelines on how best to achieve this below) to see if that’s the case for you, boot. Charge the device to a true point above the release portion. Wait for the battery pack to strain until it gets below that real number once more.
  • An app is behind the problem if the phone works as expected without any early shutdown. Remove recently set up apps before the nagging problem goes away completely. It out manually, you may want to execute a complete factory reset if you can’t figure.
  • It may additionally be a hardware issue for a few as a result of the degradation of Li-ion batteries. This will be more widespread in the event that the phone is more than an old or refurbished year. The choice is only is to contact the product manufacturer and try to obtain the phone repaired or replaced.

Android issue # 2: The device doesn’t wake up when the power button is pressed:

The “forced sleep” bug is fairly common and contains been a nagging problem for numerous products. As soon as the display is down, it doesn’t get up when the charged power switch is pushed. Rather, users need certainly to press and keep the charged power switch for ten seconds and force a restart.

Potential problems:

  • The forced restart will fix the nagging problem, at the least temporarily. Nevertheless, that isn’t a solution that is long-lasting just an upcoming software upgrade will completely fix this matter. There are workarounds, though.
  • Some users are finding that a display protector, especially of the cup that is tempered, causes the issue. Eliminating the display screen protector helps but obviously isn’t a perfect option.
  • On some phones using this function, enabling “Always On the show” helps fix it.
  • On Pixel phones, de-activating the Active Edge function has shown to be a workaround that is useful.
  • This can additionally be a pressing issue because of the settings. Some phones let you alter exactly what the ability button can be used for and adds functionality that is additional like starting the Bing Assistant. Go fully into the device settings making certain all things are just how they must be.

Android issue # 3 SIM card isn’t detected:

The SIM card isn’t being detected by the device. Finding a replacement SIM card does help fix that issue.

Potential solutions:

  • Simply rebooting the telephone spent some time working for some users. In many cases, though, the matter seems to disappear completely just for minutes which are few.
  • Some users have found that activating mobile data even when for a connection that is wi-Fi mend the problem. Needless to say, this option would be great just for people that have data that is good, and you may need certainly to remain on top of data used in case the Wi-Fi connection falls. You can get charged for using information, so using this workaround without a data package is not recommended.
  • There’s another workaround in case a phone is had by you by having an eSIM. Dial ##4636## to open network settings. It may take a couple of attempts. Touch on Mobile Suggestions. In the community settings part, change the environment to 1 that actually works. In the place of learning from your errors, you may want to discover what the option that is correct by contacting your community carrier.

Android issue # 4 Google app causing a lot of battery:

Some users are finding that the Bing application is in charge of the majority of battery usage on their devices. It is a pressing problem that presents up often and across a variety of phones. This indicates to be a problem that is increasingly common Android in modern times.

Potential solution:

  • Head to Settings > Apps & notifications and open the number of apps. Scroll down seriously to the Google faucet and app on it. Tap on “Storage & cache” and both that is obvious.
  • In the menu that is previously tapped on “Mobile data & Wi-Fi.” You’ll disable “background data usage” and “unrestricted data usage,” and enable Wi-Fi” that is“Disabled and data use.” This can influence behavior that is app though, and also the Bing software, as well as its features (such as the Assistant), will maybe not act as expected. Do these steps only if the telephone is made by the battery drain unusable.
  • This issue generally seems to come and go with software updates. So if you are dealing with this problem, an app that is upcoming will likely fix it.

Rebooting to safe mode:

Third-party apps cause quite a few issues that are few on the Android OS. Booting into Safe Mode can be the way in which is best to check should this be the situation. If the pressing issue goes away completely, an app is causing it.

If the mobile is on:

  • Press and keep the device’s power button.
  • Touch and keep the charged energy off symbol. A note that is pop-up asks for confirmation to reboot to secure Mode. Tap “OK.”

If the mobile is off:

  • Xpress and keep the phone’s power button.
  • As soon as the animation begins, press and hold the amount down switch. Keep keeping it before the animation ends and the phone should come from secure Mode.

Exit safe mode:

  • Press the phone’s energy button.
  • Tap on “Restart” and also the phone should reboot to its automatically regular mode.
  • You may simply press and keep the charged power button for 30 seconds before the phone restarts.

These are some android issues that are common in android phones. Hope you like it. subscribe to our blog for more latest tech news.


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