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The best case for gaming 2021

The best case for gaming you can buy in 2021:

  • Thermaltake V2 50
  • CORSAIR 110 Mid-tower ATX case
  • NZXT H series
  • CORSAIR carbide series 275Q

This is the list of the best mid-tower case for gaming:

Thermaltake V250 case for gaming:

Are you after a low maintenance case that also looks sleek and sophisticated, I guess that will look good not just today but also in the future and provides you with the space to upgrade your components as you want to? Well, our new case has all of this the Thermaltake V2 50 ARGB mid-tower case, the V2 50 is 230 millimeters high 216.5 millimeters wide, and 477 millimeters deep.

This makes the case relatively compact in size so it will fit on smaller desks and tighter spaces with ease. It has a four-millimeter thick tempered glass panel on the leftmost side of the case, as well as an acrylic front panel that provides the perfect way to show off the gorgeous pre-installed front fan.

The side panel has four removable screws allowing you easy access to all your components. The three in 120 millimeter RGB fans provide high airflow and feature nine addressable LEDs and hydraulic bearings. This case for gaming also comes with one standard 120 millimeter rear fan to ensure you have optimal airflow. Your pre-installed ARGB fans can be controlled by utilizing your motherboard software or by the handy button on your front IO panel.

Your I O panel also comes with one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. You can fit up to 180 x size motherboard inside as well as a CPU cores up to 116 millimeters. This case was made with olan one water cooling support in mind, hence a large amount of clearance space above the motherboard.

You can fit a radiator up to 240 millimeters at the top of one of up to 360 millimeters at the front. The case also features a handy PSU shroud to hide all your cables under as well as some preparation above your power supply to assist in athletes. The V2 50 comes with an HDD cage for up to two hard drives.

This cage is removable though so if you are finding a little pokey in there with all of your cables don’t fret. There are also two mounts for your SSD is located at the back of the case. The case comes with dust filtration at the bottom as well as the magnetic fan filter at the top to keep out all of those dust bunnies.

The case also has quite high feet, allowing for optimal airflow at the base of the case as well. So if you want a clean slick looking case with tons of options for expandability then the V 250 might just be the perfect upgrade for you. coming with three gorgeous pre-installed ARGB fans as well as two stunning panels. This is a best-case for gaming that looks just as good as it functions.

CORSAIR 110R Mid-tower ATX case for gaming:

This is 110R is a minimalist mid-tower ATX case in our list of the best case for gaming with all the essentials for your next build. The 110 rs minimalist design ensures your system looks good in any environment. Whether it’s your office, living room, or battle station, and with its beautiful tempered glass side panel you can showcase all your hard work and fancy components. The 110 r also has ample storage options with room for up to four drives.

There are two low profile 2.5-inch drive brackets and a removable cage that houses up to two 2.5 inch or 3.5-inch drives. Plus there’s a five and a quarter inch optical drive bay in the front. Although it’s a minimalist case, there are still plenty of options for cooling with room for up to five 120 millimeter fans, or three 140 millimeter fans, and a variety of compatible radiators.

The ones in our design make it easy to build a clean system and keep it that way. With a falling PSU cover, you can keep your PSU and cables out of sight and the removable dust filters in the floor roof and front of the case help keep your system looking clean long after the build is finished with two USB 3.1 type-A ports and a combination headphone microphone jack.

The front panel on the one XR provides easy access to your favorite devices. The one xR mid-tower ATX case is modern, minimalist, and stylish with all the essential features you need to build your next PC.

 NZXT H series case for gaming:

The new models include the H 710, and H 710. i, h 510, and H 510. And the h2 10, an h2 10 ranging from mid-tower, compact mid-tower, and mini ITX cases. The tempered glass window beautifully showcases your build and now installs the single captive thumbscrews making it easier than ever to access components.

We’ve modernized the front IO panel with a Gen two compatible USB C connector enabling you to connect smartphones’ external storage and peripherals to your PC. Audio connections have been upgraded to a single 3.5-millimeter jack for broad compatibility with audio output devices. Era fans are included for optimal internal airflow removable filters on all intakes to help reduce dust in your bill.

All models include removable fan and radiator mounting brackets for radiators up to 240 millimeters for the h2 10 of the 280 millimeters for the H 510 and up to 360 millimeters for the H 710. This simplifies the installation of closed-loop or custom loop liquid cooling by allowing you to install them to the bracket outside of the case. Our patented cable routing system makes organizing your cables as simple, intuitive, and attractive.

The Smart AI versions feature pre-installed RGB lighting and digital fan control the new smart device version two updated with a faster processor for improved performance and two hues two compatible RGB channels. The smart device version two is fully integrated with a cam for total control preset and custom lighting modes, as well as three fan channels supporting voltage regulated or P Wm fans. By measuring the system noise under multiple loads.

Improved ambient noise reduction feature and cam deliver an optimal balance between cooling and system voice. Both the h 510 i and H 710. I allow you to mount your graphics card vertically for further customization. Simply remove the vertical GPU mounting bracket cover.

Insert a riser cable into a PCIe slot. Install the GPU onto the bracket and connect the riser to your GPU. The updated NZ XT h series is available in white, black and black, and red colors at all authorized retail locations.

CORSAIR carbide series 275Q case for gaming:

RGB lighting in tempered glass side panels are great, but they aren’t for everybody. Some people prefer a quiet unobtrusive build that gets the job done without being too flashy. That’s why we’re introducing the carbide series 275 Q.

The 275 Q is based on our award-winning 275 platforms but it replaces the tempered glass side panel with steel as a solid panel on top and we added sound dampening throughout to keep the system quiet. In addition to all the other sound deadening features, we’ve upgraded the fans to PW m control.

We’ve also included a six-port PW m splitter. This means that you can use your motherboard’s built-in software to control all the fans in the case so you can decide between high performance or low noise. The front has three 120 millimeter mounts with room for up to a 360-millimeter radiator.

The top has a 240-millimeter mount that can be used if you remove the top solid panel and exhaust a rear 120 millimeter. Otherwise, the 275 q shares the 275 rs minimalist styling intuitive cable routing system and room for two and a half-inch drives. And two three and a half-inch drives. It includes removable dust filters and a direct airflow path for optimal cooling.

So for those of you guys who like RGB lights and tempered glass, this is probably not the case for you.

Hope you like our list of the best case for gaming.


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