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What is webinar? | How does it work? | CMG Point | 2021


According to Merriam-Webster, a webinar (or internet seminar) is “a real-time online presentation that is educational which participating viewers can submit questions and remarks.” You might well be wondering, “well, what is a seminar?” Seminar definition: “a meeting for providing and speaking frankly about information.” Webinars are activities, movie presentations, workshops, seminars, training sessions, or course lectures hosted and delivered online utilizing computer software that is webinars. Just what makes webinars effective is that they’re a questionnaire that is two-way of where in actuality the attendees and presenters give, get and share information with one another, in real-time.

Webinar Services:

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Webinar vs Webcast:

A webinar is not a webcast. Webcasts are pre-recorded sessions that broadcast online (on television or YouTube). Webinars are live sessions interactivity that is enabling is real-time the presenter and attendees. For instance, our development by a content webinar that is real-time business people how to use content advertising to push company development with no an investing plan that is massive.

An easy method that is great to familiarize yourself is usually to go to other webinars (such as the one above) while making notes if you’re new to webinars. Hosting webinars possesses an abundance of uses and advantages, nevertheless, it’s essential to grasp exactly how and why webinars work in the extreme sport that is first we plunge into developing a webinar.

How does the webinar work?

Webinars enable presenters to share with you papers of all sorts including although not restricted to voice records, videos, presentations along with other papers, etc making use of their attendees. Webinars have an abundance of uses (frequently business-related) however the vital and use that is biggest webinars is to educate and engage a market).

Your audience could possibly be anybody from new or clients which can be existing industry peers if not the pupils in your class. This means webinars are useful in almost any industry where interacting together with your audience is really a key factor in your personal or success that is expert.

Why are webinars effective?

What makes webinars effective (compared to physical occasions or workshops) is with webinars, you don’t need certainly to rent out a spot that is physical to handle complex logistics that arise from hosting in-person events. In fact, in 2020, how many companies planning an occasion that is digitally doubled. The options are essentially endless by having a variety of webinar benefits (vs physical events), rich-feature sets, support for multiple content types.

What is webinar?

Advantages of the webinar:

They’re convenient for both presenter and attendee as you’re able to host and attend webinars right from the comfort of one’s workplace (or home.) since webinars are online occasions. Whether it is presenting up to a team that is tiny a group of 100+ attendees, webinars work with both these situations. Webinars may be pre-recorded and played at any right time for individuals. This will make them simpler to put up, repurpose, and budget-friendly in comparison to activities that are in-person.

Offline events have their merits which are very own however with live webinars you don’t need to spend time excruciating over venue rentals, meals, beverages, or making certain your presentation gear works. Individuals have utilized webinars artistically for training, marketing, sales, branding, hr, individual onboarding, etc. So when it comes down to what you can certainly do with webinars: the sky’s the limit. Countless webinar tools include interactive whiteboards, studies, and polls, live-chat features which can make them more personalized, engaging, and interactive for your audience. These are just some of the great factors why webinars happen exploding in popularity in recent times.

Different types of webinars:

Marketing Webinars:

Advertising webinars are the many types that are typical of and are mainly utilized for lead generation purposes. Successful webinars also open the hinged doors for strategic collaborations and provide you with the usage of a wider market. In addition, they help to improve your credibility as an industry frontrunner in your niche.

Educational webinars:

The next webinar that is popular there is academic webinar presentations. Businesses are increasingly webinars which can be using train and upskill employees. Webinars are excellent tools for universities and colleges to focus on a student base that is worldwide.

Product demo webinars:

Webinars are excellent for establishing and showing products that are brand new. Through webinars, businesses can gauge consumer desire for a product before really releasing it. Additionally, they enable clients to get an experience that is first-hand of the product in question.

Onboarding webinars:

The onboarding of new workers or clients plays a task that is significant in preserving business relationships. Generally speaking, it’s 5x more expensive to get new customers than to retain ones that are current. A webinar that is excellent help towards making the onboarding and retention process easier. Independent of the above, you need to use webinars for other purposes, such as keeping responses and question sessions and interviews. They are able to also serve as live activities where you can discuss questions that are typical how-tos regarding your products or services. You can also deal with customer complaints and inquiries directly via a webinar.

That is not all, nonetheless, since you do not need to always host webinars with an agenda. They may be used as online events for sharing presentations which are powerPoint whiteboard conversations and for brainstorming generally speaking. Such interactivity is the essence of web conferencing and enables the alleviation of multiple pain points, a one that is major the necessity to be physically current for the conference. Within the area that is next, we’ll have a brief view of exactly how webinars accomplish this.

Common webinar features:

The features that your particular webinar shall have ultimately are determined by the reason you’re hosting the function for. Nevertheless, there are features being standard all webinars include to interact audiences. Into the parts which can be after I’ll simply take you through a few of them.

Text-Based Chat:

Regardless of your webinar audience’s size, one of the easiest yet most reliable ways of engaging them is text chats. Such chats help the market quickly additionally inquire and respond to any inquiries you might pose to them. Text chats behave as good use tools for recording audience interaction and attention using them. What’s more, the attendees can attract the presenter’s attention by using this function also. Such a Q/A-based relationship helps build trust and establish authority among the market.


Like in any meeting that is regular webinars can also make reasonable use of PowerPoint presentations. Specifically for educational webinars or online meetings, high-quality slides can keep an effect that is lasting. Utilizing a presentation that is slide-based makes your intentions clear to your market. You may also give the slides as downloadable, gated content. Such advertising strategies can go a way that is long increasing your email lists’ length and supplying quality leads.

Screen Sharing:

For webinars that show something or even a process, it’s necessary to share the presenter’s point of view with the audience. In this situation, screen-sharing features can be handy as they allow the market to see just what you’re seeing. Doing this has advantages which are multiple. The users can realize and follow along for one when you’re demonstrating utilizing a product. Screen-sharing is definitely a more tool that is effective in making use of static screenshots.


When you’re describing a subject that is a complex idea by way of a live, on-demand webinar, taking notes or jotting straight down points can be a hassle. To conquer this problem, numerous webinar tools incorporate a whiteboard feature that allows composing text and drawing pictures. This type of function gives audiences the impression that they are immediately in a classroom with you. Not just performs this let them have a clearer idea of the topic, but in addition, it helps you to articulate your thoughts better.

Polls and Surveys:

While using text chats to answer questions is a proven fact that is good it could get chaotic in case your audience is massive. In such a situation, involving the market members in polls and studies could be a proven fact that is great. These tools enable market members to freely express their opinions and fairly. Also, analyzing the info from polls and surveys enables you to draw interesting insights client that is regarding.


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